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The most beautiful day requires perfection

At Rafaelo Resort, we believe that your big day should be an expression of your own unique love story. Whether it’s the flowers, the food or the stylish décor – creating a celebration that brings your vision to life, is our speciality. Bring your family and friends for a stunning wedding ceremony on location. We wrap every element in unsurpassed luxury, meeting your wishes with a warm smile and effortless ease.

What makes your wedding at Rafaelo Resort special?


Being located right by the Adriatic Sea, it comes as no surprise to enjoy fresh sea food. Our chefs take care of your suggestions and diverse to the latest trends of weddings, creating an exceptional culinary experience throughout the event. We ensure that everyone in the wedding has something to enjoy.

Sea View

Rafaelo Resort boasts premium outdoor, sea front space with a Terrace.
At Rafaelo Resort you can find views as spectacular as the breath-taking Riviera. Smooth and sandy sea, snaking rivulets of water onto the quiet sand and the fleeting colors of dusk begin to fade away, as the sun dipped below the horizon, can make your wedding magical and unforgettable.


Cocktail Hour

Early in the evening and all your loved ones are together in a stylish and romantic atmosphere around the pool, completed with your favorite drinks, food and music. Here’ s what Rafaelo Resort offers and what you need to pull off a fabulous cocktail hour at your wedding.



We provide to check out wedding playlist and song suggestions for both the ceremony and reception. We’ll help you pick the perfect first dance song and guide you through whole the wedding, adapting your hometown songs with our professional DJ.