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Exclusive accommodation

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Rafaelo Resort is located in Shëngjin  Area , where beauty pours in from the lavish style gardens and the brilliance of the Adriatic Sea. While the collection of the exclusive accommodation along the coast is remodeled with more than 600 rooms, the addition of sophisticated lounges, refined restaurants and bars, taste the Mediterranean flavors and daily travel tours, guarantees genuine hospitality and coziness from the first minute to the last.


Albania is an important gateway to the Balkan Peninsula, a junction of roads from north to south and from west to east, with the proximity to reach major European capitals within 2 or 3 hours by air.
Upon initial contact, tourists will discover an epic country with a rich, history and culture, where the people speak one of the oldest living languages in Europe. As a result of its geographical positioning, Albania displays traces of different civilizations and cultures including Illyrian, Hellenic, Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman, etc.

General Information

Rafaelo Resort is located at the Bay of Shengjin, Albania, a city positioned 42 km from Tirana International Airport, 30 min by car, located just a few meters away from the coastline.
Rafaelo Resort is among the most renowned luxury hotels in the region, 30.000 square meters private space. Expect the highest standards in terms of rooms, cuisine, service and all other amenities during your stay in Rafaelo. The highly skilled and friendly team, which is at your service every day with great dedication and interest, guarantees genuine hospitality and coziness from the first minute of your stay to the last. The Resort offers 30.000 square feet of function space, accommodating up to 2000 guests. Each of our upscale and flexible spaces serves as a destination.


Our Resort has around 645 rooms, divided in some categories, based on space and comfort 4 and 5 stars: standard Hotel and apartments, Deluxe Hotel and Executive. We offer different types of rooms, such as are single rooms, double, apartments, triple rooms, suites etc.
Rafaelo resort has its own private beach, so guests can easily access their peaceful nook with a breathtaking sea. Comfortable parasols and sun umbrellas are available, so the only thing you need to do is to enjoy the sun and the calm blue waters of Adriatic Sea, and to soak into a deep and relaxing paradise. Each of our hotels offers its own unique allure, evocative of their iconic locales. So, if you’re looking or craving picturesque waterfront views in, you’ll find a great hotel that delivers it all. These stunning north west coast hotels offer an incomparable setting for any meeting, and we’ll handle all the details with care and commitment. We’ll wow your attendees with our sophisticated offerings – from our artfully crafted culinary masterpieces to our locally inspired entertainment experiences.

Contemporary rooms

The resort has guest rooms on all of its hotels, with the first floors reserved for wheel chair accessible rooms, as well as bars, five restaurants, three outdoor and one indoor swimming pools, wellness and spa center, stores etc . It’s a short stroll from the front desk to the gardens, swimming pool, and separate hotels and their facilities.
Rooms are contemporary, with spectacular views of the coast and internal resort. The presence of full sunlight creates luminous spaces and maximum communication with the outside environment. In this way, a great connection with the landscape is created. The rooms are equipped with comfortable beds, lighting of different options according to customer preferences, with comfortable furniture and especially a deluxe service. All of this makes the experience of staying in an unforgettable hotel. The hotel rooms are equipped with internet access and 24-hour TV signal.

Medical Assistance

Rafafelo resort has created the first of its kind on-site medical assistance specifically designed to prepare staff to provide customer care to guests. Our on-site first aid is available on 24-hour with daily consultation hours also available. Operating on a rotational basis, every doctor working at Rafaelo is fluent in at least English and Italian.

Should you have any particular medical needs you would like to discuss, please contact us directly ahead of your trip: info@igs-assitance.com.